Trip Update, Day 5

Day 5.  A nice flight from Rotterdam to Augsburg Germany.  Lee and I spent a lot of the time in the cockpit talking about how just 70 years ago these same skies were filled with young men flying high performance fighters and bombers trying to kill each other.  We could picture massive bomber formations overhead while columns of dark smoke marked the end of someone’s flight.  Looking at the map I saw many familiar names from WWII battles and campaigns on the ground.  When we got to the hotel in Augsburg we were impressed with the quality of the beer but with the internet connection.  Come on Germans get tit together!

Day 6.

Went back out to the airport in the morning but not before going shopping.  Our mission was to find a hand pump for re-fueling the airplane.  In India there are only2 airports with 100LL Avgas and bot of them sell it to you in 55 gallon drums.  How you get into the plane is your business.  Last time I went through India in a Cirrus They took care of it for you.


I think they heard that the Navajo holds 230 gallons of fuel because they now say “do it yourself!’  Lee and I went to a large hardware store and after using my high school German language skills were still able to find a hand pump (handpumpin?) and a roll of garden hose to make our gas station.

We had the Plane’s oxygen system filled by my old friend Marcus who runs the Beechcraft maintenance shop in Augsburg.  Before we left Marcus told me that he had a brand new overhauled engine for the Navajo that he would sell to the owner for a good price.  I promised to pass that along seeing that I was pretty sure it would need one soon.

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