Trip Update


Day 4. Continued: The night approach into Rotterdam should have been a lot of fun. Landing at a major airport with the runway all lit up like a Christmas tree is usually one of my favorite things to do but this time I wasn’t really enjoying it because of the reception I was about to get. We taxied up to the ramp and I could tell by their body language that the three officials waiting for me there were not in a good mood. After shutting down and climbing out it started. “Don’t you know you need to call ahead for a PPR?” (prior permission number),

You do know that hiring a handler is mandatory in Rotterdam don’t you? It’s lucky for you that I was here!”

“Why didn’t you call and notify us you were coming? You do know that you need to notify customs before entering the European Union?”

The grilling and disapproving looks went on for quite a while before they figured I’d had enough and let Lee and I go. It was a long day with a shitty end. I couldn’t wait to see the bill the next day.



That’s Lee the next day, working off the after hours landing charges.


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