A Star Is Born!

OK, maybe “star” might be a bit of an exaggeration. But the young lad they got to play me in AOPA’s reenactment of my ferry tank malfunction did an award winning job! (And the Oscar for best Ferry Pilot actor goes too….?) I’d like to say the actor’s name and give him credit for his work but I don’t know it!

What in the world am I talking about you ask? Well it seems that some of the antics I wrote about in my book ( Available now on Amazon. Just saying.) got the attention of some of the big wigs over at AOPA who decided that one of them might make a good safety video. (BTW, being the subject of a “Safety Video” is not necessarily a compliment)

So AOPA sent their camera crew over to my house to film me telling the story of the time I had a ferry tank malfunction one night over the North Atlantic. My experience on the TV show “Dangerous Flights” came in handy once again as I eloquently wove the tail of how I found myself with a critical fuel situation far from land and any hope of rescue. Yes sir folks I told the crap out of that story. The cameraman was so impressed he didn’t fall asleep once!

AOPA put the video up on their “Air Safety Institute” page and so far it’s gotten something like 81,000 views! I guess I’ve got something to teach my fellow pilots after all.

Remember, a bad example is better than no example at all.