Having had a pilot’s license for over 30 years I’ve seen a lot of changes. Changes in how we navigate. Changes in the instruments that monitor our engines. Changes in how ATC (BIG BROTHER) keeps track of us on the sky.

But the most important innovation in aviation over the last thousand years head got to be how we take pictures of ourselves while we’re flying and past themon social media. Because face it, the only reason any of us got our pilots license in the first place was to get clicks,I mean chicks.

When I first started flying I’d bring along my old 35mm point and shoot. It was amazing! All I hsd to do was point the camera at something out the window I thought was cool. Take the picture. Pull the film out of the camera. Drive to a drugstore or one of those crazy little photo booths. Give some 16 year old kid my film (after filling out the envelope) wait 6 months or so. (More if you completely forgot about it) drive back to the drugstore. Dig in the alphabetized bins for your pictures (while peaking at a few of the other customers pictures because everyone’s got a little peeping tom in them) And voila! You got your pictures!

Of course now days things are a bit different what with all these new fangled contraptions pilots can use to take pictures of themselves. And yes, even an old guy like me can figure out how to use some of the features on my phone. Like hyperlapse.

Not really sure what hyperlapse is but it’s kind of cool. Check it out.

Come on, work dammit!

Cool huh?

So that didn’t work. Might be because I tried posting this while cruising in the Citation asst 43,000 feet. We’re do have wifi but it’s only so so. I’ll try and fix it later.