Day 6. continued

After getting oxygen Lee and blasted off from Germany en-route to sunny Greece.   We were flying at 15,000 feet when Lee put on his oxygen mask.  Now I don’t begrudge a guy his oxygen but what we had in the tank was going to have to last us for the rest of the trip so I left mine off.  I know it’s a regulation and all but if I’m just sitting still and not working hard I can go for hours at 15,000 feet with no O2.  After a couple of hours I suggested Lee stop hogging the O2 and save it for when we really need it, like when we have to fly at 20,000.  Well Lee disagreed with my plan and we had a bit of a moment, I might have called him a pussy, but Lee and I have been having these arguments for 40 years so it didn’t take long to get over it.  Especially when our next stop was Corfu, Greece.



To quote myself, “This is why I ferry fly!”

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