Raised in Minnesota where I learned to love winter and hate mosquitos.

Joined the Minnesota Army National Guard at seventeen and spent twelve years as a crew chief on the venerable UH-1H Huey. Along the way I earned a second set of wings at the Army’s Air Assault school became a winter operations and survival instructor.

In 1986 made my first skydive and never looked back, or down.

Crossed the Atlantic ocean on my first Ferry Flight in 1990 starting my second or third dangerous career.

Bought Skydive Twin Cities in 1999 and suddenly became both a small business owner and adult babysitter

Married to the best girl I ever met, who also delivered up two wonderful children. Don’t really know how I could be happier, or more blessed.

Now starring in the new hit reality series DANGEROUS FLIGHTS, flying around the world in small aircraft again and loving every minute of it.

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