OK, OK, I’ll keep posting

It seems that no matter how hard I try to forget that I have a blog, (and the obligation to sit down and post) some of you won’t let me forget it.

Fine. I’ll keep posting if for nothing else but the writing practice that’s in it.

First things first. What happened in Kerry’s life in the short time since he last posted? (I know it’s been a year, don’t judge me) Not a whole lot, just more of the same. Flying, skydiving, writing and speaking.

AOPA invited me to speak at both Sun N fun and Airventure in Oshkosh. That was pretty cool and I was blown away when I got the invitation. James Mcspadden who is the head of AOPA’s air safety institute thought it would be good for pilots to hear what I had to say about handling in-flight emergencies. I don’t know why he thought I might be qualified to speak on the subject. Just because I’ve had a few little incidents does that make me an expert? Apparently so.

Anyway, here’s a link to the Sun N Fun presentation. It’s got a lot of good information that will help you handle your next in-flight emergency or put you to sleep if your so inclined.

In other 2021 news…

My skydiving school had a record year last season, cracking the 6000 tandem mark for the first time ever! in this new Covid world people are looking for experiences instead of things and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane (or one of ours) is an experience.

I finally bought a Harley! For years i’ve been borrowing my friend Lee’s extra motorcycle on our Annual Red Devils ride. But this year I decided that I’m a grown ass man and should get my own. So say hello to my new 2009 Harley Davidson Street Glide Black Beauty!

King of the road!

There you have it, 2021 in all its boring glory. Like most of us, Covid has had a major effect on life in the McCauley household. No exciting vacations to exotic locations while mask rules are in place. (not much fun wandering the streets of Europe in a mask). Maybe next year. I’ll get back to telling no shit stories here soon. in the meantime, check out my new series “Urban Hobo” on Kindle Vella. If you’re not familiar with Kindle Vella (no one is) it’s a new site on Amazon that allows authors to post their work in short episodes. There people can read the first 3 episodes of any story for free. Then if they want to read more they can buy tokens that they can use to access more episodes. If you’re new to Kindle Vella they give you enough free tokens to read about 10 more episodes. “Urban Hobo” covers the two times I hopped freight trains from Minneapolis to Seattle and back. Like my trips across the ocean in small planes each trip was marked with adventure, danger and humor. It’s coming along nicely and I will eventually turn the episodes into a book. So check it out and don’t forget to follow it and give each episode a thumbs up if you think it deserves it.

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  1. Aw, boo… Kindle Vella doesn’t like Canada. Fortunately no such bias against paperbacks, so that is some consolation! 🙂

    Glad to see you back, Kerry!

  2. Nice Harley! I’ve been riding since I graduated from CRSH. I have a vintage Honda in my garage. Hope you see you on the road sometime.

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