Trapped in Amber II

“Come to England with me,” he said, “we’ll have a few laughs then fly a cool plane to Miami” he said. “The bank loan is all taken care of” he said. “The plane is all ready to go, all we have to do is show up, hop in and take off,” he said. So how come I’m sitting by myself in the garden of a beautiful bed and breakfast, eating said breakfast under a clear blue sky instead of the cockpit of a Beech Baron halfway to Greenland? Because I’m screwed again that’s why.

After riding a train an hour and a half south out of London I arrived at the Good Wood aerodrome only to find that the owner wasn’t there to meet me, my first clue that something was amiss. When I finally tracked him down he told me that the bank STILL wasn’t happy with how he was paying off the loan and seeing that it was Friday afternoon nothing could be done until Monday. ARRRRGGGGG! I was hoping to make this trip a quick one but instead of making it to Scotland or Iceland one day one I was going nowhere. Some of you might remember that Cory and I were stuck in this same place trying to get this same plane about a month ago and after a week of doing nothing went back home in defeat.   So back I went to check into the little B&B I stayed at last month where in response to the question of whether I would like anything to drink said that I would love a beer if they had any. After realizing that the owner was digging into her own very limited personal stock, that consisted of exactly two beers, I protested that I couldn’t possibly take one, but only halfheartedly. It was a really good beer.  Oh yeah and that Saturday night in Reykjavik I was looking forward to?  Not gonna happen, instead I get to spend it in the beautiful town of Box grove.  Whoopee.

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