Going To England To See A Baron II

Cory finally found a way to satisfy the bank in England and get them to allow the Baron we tried to ferry last month to leave the country.  So I’m off to Jolly Old today to give moving this plane one more shot and due to his busy schedule Cory will not be joining me.  What, I don’t have a busy schedule too?  That means flying over the north Atlantic, Iceland, Greenland and northern Canada alone, all alone, by myself, no help from the right seat, solo, you get the idea.  Actually I like to fly alone.  I can do what I want without explaining my actions to anyone or arguing over such important decisions as where to have dinner or how late to stay out this Saturday night in Reykjavik.  I’ll try to keep you all updated as to my progress but I can’t promise anything.  I did mention Saturday night in Reykjavik didn’t I?

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