2000 miles

Started in Iceland,

Flew over the Greenland ice cap,


Landed in Narsarsuaq

then flew on to Goose Bay Labrador and finally Bangor Maine.  In one day, and boy are my arms tired, ba da boom!  Only eight hours of flight time left and I can call this trip done.  I hope.

Wingsuit Landing

My skydiving friends and I always knew that someone would eventually land a wing suit.  We were going to be even more impressed if someone could do it twice.  Looks like this guy has a shot.


Today’s Product Endorsment

Both delicious and nutritious.

Update:    showed this to my family to see if they thought it was funny, the result was that number one son thought it was, wife and daughter, not so much.  “But” said I, “did you see where it says magic in every bite and an excellent source of sparkles?”  They looked closer but were not reduced to tears.  Women have no sense of humor, you guys think it’s funny right?…….right?…………The heck with all of you I think it’s hilarious.

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

This is some random island off the coast of Pakistan.  This was also about the point in the day that Stu, my co-pilot for that trip, realized that the rumbling in his nether regions he’d felt just before takeoff was turning into a full blown case of food poisoning.  We couldn’t go back to Pakistan, and although Iran was just off our right wing  I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop there for a potty break.   So Stu didn’t have any choice but to do his best and try to keep his precious bodily fluids to himself.   For four hours Stu kept the faith and arrived in the United Arab Emirates with his dignity intact.   For that I awarded him the golden butt clench award, with oak leaf clusters.


The death card

There must be some mistake!  Check your records again!  I’m a young man in the prime of my life!  This can’t be happening!  I can’t be half way to 100!