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Now Open: The Only FAA Registered Ice Runway

Winter flying in Wisconsin can have its challenges. One of them can be getting the plane stopped when the runway is covered with a layer of ice. Remember, the landing isn’t over until you’re of the runway in the manner in which you intended. You might remember the Falcon jet I told you about just last month.


So why in the ever loving world would anyone land on a sheet of ice, with almost no breaking action at all, on purpose? BECAUSE IT’S FUN! That’s why.

I’ve landed on a frozen lake a couple of times and it’s a hoot. It can be challenging with a stiff crosswind though but that just makes it more fun! If you pull it off that is. Things can get exciting if you’re sliding sideways towards the snow piled up on the side of the runway. The runways I’ve landed on were unofficial. Just a strip cleared off by somebody with a plow on his truck. (Usually in front of a bar) But these guys have taken things to a whole other level.


Read more about the Alton Bay ice runway here. Alton Bay ice runway

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