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▶ DoubleEnder

I REALLY want one of these.  The slow stall/approach speed is truly impressive.

Bigfoot Sighting

I looked at the list of things that the Doctor told me I wasn’t supposed to do 6 days after having hip surgery and bow hunting in the woods in the dark was not on the list.  That being said it’s probably best if nobody tells him, OK?

The Price You Pay

There’s the price you pay, the price you thought you paid, the price you told your wife you  paid and the price you eventually pay.  Or it costs some people $ 200 to make a tandem skydive and it costs others the use of their right leg for 6 weeks, or a hip surgery 6 […]

Your Weekly Lex, For Strength

Hot Gun

By lex, on September 24th, 2007
It may be hard to imagine today, but when I was a lad an entire generation of naval aviators had grown up to fill middle and even upper leadership roles in line squadrons without ever having “seen the wolf.” The long peace between Vietnam and Desert Storm meant that […]

Routine Maintenance Update

Boy, that was one ugly hip!  That is a quote from the surgeon who worked on me yesterday.  He went on and on about how big the bone spurs were that he had to grind down to enable him to put the new Cobalt ball and socket in me.  I’ve been through two physical therapy […]

And So It Starts

When I started filming for Dangerous Flights I really had no idea what would happen.  We could film one episode, one season or get as big as Deadliest Catch, it was all up in the air, so to speak.  As of now we have two seasons in the can with a pretty good chance of […]

Routine Maintenance

Seven or eight years ago I had a semi rough parachute landing, hey one out of thirteen thousand isn’t too bad.  Apparently I damaged my labrum..labirum..laybrum…I hurt my hip.  Of course I was too stubborn to go to the hospital so my injury went UN-diagnosed.  After seven years of soccer, skiing and skydiving I developed […]

The Boys of Fall

Number One Son after a better game.It’s fall in America and that means many things to me, deer hunting, Musky fishing, the skydiving season coming to a close but most importantly, Football.  Now I’m not really a big sports fan, I don’t follow many teams, I don’t know much about the players or statistics.  I […]

▶ DubFighter

Play it loud!

H/T Jeff.

Your Weekly Lex, For Strength

Fear of flying, II

By lex, on September 27th, 2007
It is often said in mult-seat aviation that you should never fly in the same cockpit with someone braver than yourself. A pilot should be a little bit afraid. We are but soft and vulernerable creatures: Our evolution has not kept pace with our technology, we were […]

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