Routine Maintenance Update

Boy, that was one ugly hip!  That is a quote from the surgeon who worked on me yesterday.  He went on and on about how big the bone spurs were that he had to grind down to enable him to put the new Cobalt ball and socket in me.  I’ve been through two physical therapy sessions so far, not fun, and they say I’m doing better than most of their patients.  Not much praise in my opinion due to the fact that most people who get hip resurfacing surgery are fifteen years or more older that me, but I’ll take it because Cory from CB Aviation called me not too long ago about doing a trip for him.  Apparently Hector from Uruguay has a nice 2005 Beech Baron that needs to be ferried to the US and he wants me to do it.  I guess he trusts me because Super Girl and I managed to fly his Bonanza along the same route last winter without any major mishaps.  Of course as usual both Hector and Cory want me to do the trip ASAP but that is going to depend on how fast I can get my hip in good working/flying order.  The Doc. says three weeks but I’m thinking I should be ready to fly in two.  I never was much of a rule follower.

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