The Price You Pay

There’s the price you pay, the price you thought you paid, the price you told your wife you  paid and the price you eventually pay.  Or it costs some people $ 200 to make a tandem skydive and it costs others the use of their right leg for 6 weeks, or a hip surgery 6 years later.  Last Saturday I was at home recovering from my hip resurfacing surgery, chillin on the couch drinking coffee and enjoying a slight pain pill buzz.  All was good until I got the call that one of my instructors, Smilee, had broken his leg.  “What the hell were you guys doing jumping in winds like this?” I thought, and maybe said loudly.  Earlier I’d looked at the forecast and it was supposed to be WINDY.  Now normally I call every morning and go over the forecast with my staff and decide weather or not, get it ?  we should jump that day, but seeing that I was on the mind I figured they could handle it by themselves just this once. I guess I was wrong.  Apparently when Smilee landed with his tandem the air was very turbulent and his passenger ended up sitting on his leg and broke it.  It’s not really serious but it will keep him on the ground for six to eight weeks.  If you’re going to jump out of planes for a living you’re going to get banged up every once in a while.

Good thing his friends took care his reading needs.        Smilee having a better day.                             DCIM114GOPRO

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