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Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

There isn’t a whole lot to see when you fly over South Dakota so you take what you can get.

Gravity check

My instructor Dustin looks just a little more relaxed than his passenger Fred.

The Road Not Taken…..Yet

Ever since watching the movie “Always” I’ve wanted to fly  fire bombers.  It’s just the kind of flying I love, down, dirty and dangerous.  And with a purpose.  I could go on and on about flying old equipment one hundred feet above a mountain ridge, thru smoke, turbulence and downdrafts being something that most pilots […]

Ultra Low Pass Hercules C-130 Mach Loop CAD WEST.

Ultra low?  Must not be a jump pilot in the cockpit.


Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Desert, water, your guess is as good as mine.  Southern coast of Iran maybe?

Flying Legends 2012 Trailer

A Pluff Or A Plop


A report in the British newspaper the Daily Mail says Boeing, Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin will unveil concepts for supersonic business jets capable of 2,500 mph and a London-to-Sydney flight time of four hours at the Farnborough Air Show next month. The newspaper quotes unnamed sources as saying the aerospace heavyweights have partnered with NASA […]

Flying Dead

I took seven international flights last year and while sometimes the person sitting next to me wasn’t the best seatmate at least they weren’t in the process of decomposing.
After seeing a hypnotist to help me dig up repressed memory’s from the darkest corners of my mind I remembered the horrible flight to Australia last fall.  […]

More Wingsuit Porn

More great wingsuit footage but with a unique angle shot with home made drones and UAV’s.

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

Hula Girl keeping an eye on things in the Phenom 100 over the South Pacific.

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