The Road Not Taken…..Yet

Ever since watching the movie “Always” I’ve wanted to fly  fire bombers.  It’s just the kind of flying I love, down, dirty and dangerous.  And with a purpose.  I could go on and on about flying old equipment one hundred feet above a mountain ridge, thru smoke, turbulence and downdrafts being something that most pilots with any sense would stay far away from but you don’t get much of an adrenalin buzz flying a DC-9 to Fresno.  If you want adventure you’ve got to hang it out a little.  Flying jumpers is sort of the same thing only we drop meat bombs instead of water bombs, it’s as close as I’m going to get for now but who knows?  Maybe my wife will let me get my air attack card and spend three or four months a year out west flying with the boys…….riiiiiight.  I think I’ll go fly my Queen Air this morning and get my old twin in the air before work.  It’s something at least.


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