Weed Whip

Finally had some good weather this weekend and we took that as a sign that the air should be filled with falling bodies.  Saturday the Northern Planes Skydiving League held a 4 way competition here at Skydive Twin Cities and ten teams battled it out over the Wisconsin countryside.  Despite an overcharging battery problem in the Twin Otter we managed to finish the competition in one day leaving Sunday open for big ways.  The jumpers put together some really nice formations and capped the day off with this beautiful fifteen way weed whip to celebrate Karen’s 300th skydive.

Go Around, Dummy

Here’s a good video of an Aztec going off the end of the runway in St. Barts.  When I took the mandatory training to be allowed to land there my instructor told me that if you weren’t going to touch down before the second taxiway you had to go around because you wouldn’t stop in time.  This guy wasn’t even close.


Better Safe Than Sorry

Meteorite report grounds firefighting aircraft in Colorado


I have no words to express how I feel about this, Ok maybe a few.  I could go on and on about how much I hate the way society is trying to make every aspect of life risk free and ensure we all arrive at death in perfect condition but this one takes the cake.  Some brain dead official hears about an airline pilot reporting a meteorite and decides to ground all the fire fighting aircraft in the interest of “SAFETY”  Never mind the absurdity of trying to ground planes in time to avoid a freaking METEOR I just wish I could have been there when the pilots found out why they weren’t going flying.