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2000 miles

Started in Iceland,
Flew over the Greenland ice cap,


Landed in Narsarsuaq

then flew on to Goose Bay Labrador and finally Bangor Maine.  In one day, and boy are my arms tired, ba da boom!  Only eight hours of flight time left and I can call this trip done.  I hope.


Saints be praised just as I was about to pop smoke and make like a sheep herder I got the call that the bank had released the Baron and I could finally get the heck out of Dodge England.  Things were starting to look doubtful because I HAVE to be back in Wisconsin by Saturday […]

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

That’s right, we eat pretty damn good on the road  AND get a special price.

A Good Day At Goodwood

I was in the Goodwood aerodrome’s maintenance office on Friday afternoon when I found out that I was grounded for the weekend.  Taking pity on me the manager took me out back behind the hanger where some of his mechanics were enjoying an end of the week beer and would I care for a Fosters?  […]

Ferry Flihgt Pic of The Day



This thick steel hanger door in Singapore was riddled with bullet holes and bomb damage from a Japanese attack in World War Two.  The pilots who worked there said that the hanger was going to be torn down next year and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get that door shipped over to […]

Trapped in Amber II

“Come to England with me,” he said, “we’ll have a few laughs then fly a cool plane to Miami” he said. “The bank loan is all taken care of” he said. “The plane is all ready to go, all we have to do is show up, hop in and take off,” he said. So how […]

Going To England To See A Baron II

Cory finally found a way to satisfy the bank in England and get them to allow the Baron we tried to ferry last month to leave the country.  So I’m off to Jolly Old today to give moving this plane one more shot and due to his busy schedule Cory will not be joining me.  […]

Ferry Flight Pic of The Day

I just never run out of great pictures of Greenland.

Wingsuit Landing

My skydiving friends and I always knew that someone would eventually land a wing suit.  We were going to be even more impressed if someone could do it twice.  Looks like this guy has a shot.


Formation Flyby For Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Some really nice formation flying but I would have had the Tornados plugged into the re-fueling plane, that would’ve looked cool.


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