Well, I finally got off my lazy rear end this last winter and spring and wrote another book. DANGEROUS FLIGHTS is about the ferry trips and experiences I had while on the Discovery Channel TV show called . . . wait for it . . . DANGEROUS FLIGHTS. I know, I can be pretty clever at times.

I was a little more nervous about writing and releasing this book because I wasn’t entirely sure that readers would find it as entertaining as my first book FERRY PILOT.

WARNING, cheap attempt at plugging my book below!

Signed copies available at kerrymccauley.com or on Amazon.

I was concerned because while I knew the stories in “Ferry Pilot” were a fantastic collection of crazy in-flight emergencies and adventures, “Dangerous Flights” was more of a record of complete ferry trips. It gives readers the day to day account of what it’s like to fly a small plane all over the world while at the same time filming a TV show. I needn’t have worried. “Dangerous Flights” has been selling well and the reviews are fantastic and people want more! I guess I’m going to have to buckle down and keep writing.

So if you’re looking for another good book to go in your aviation library pick up a copy of “Dangerous Flights” You won’t be disappointed!

Available on Amazon. Or signed copies at kerrymccauley.com

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