We’re Number One!

Color me blown away. When I started writing Ferry Pilot I was mainly doing it to get my many stories down on paper. (that’s how long ago I started writing it) I just wanted to be able to share my experiences with my family. When it turned into a book and I decided to try and get it published I figured it might sell a few copies but wouldn’t be much of a big deal. I mean, I couldn’t actually write a popular book could I?

Well, it turns out I can. After just one day on Amazon I got some surprising and totally unexpected results.

FERRY PILOT was Number 1 in the Aviation category. Number 1 in travel biographies and memoirs and number 1 in adventure and explorer biographies!

FERRY PILOT was also the number one new release in aviation.


I couldn’t be more shocked. Everyone who’s read it so far has loved it.

Now I have to decide who gets to play me in the movie.

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