Out The Window

Last winter My wife and I decided that we’d had enough of winter and hopped into my beloved 1960 Beech Queen Air “Black Betty” for a little road trip. First stop was Denver to pick up Supergirl (daughter) Then down to San Diego for to visit my uncle Kerry (namesake)and his family.

It was a great trip. Black Betty purred like a kitten (400 really big kittens per side) Handled icing conditions and heavy snow like a champ and got us down and back in record time. (not sure what record I’m referring to)

The two highlights to the trip was Supergirl flying us across the Grand Canyon at sunset and landing at Sedona.

Look out! Woman driver!
Yep, rocking the old sunglasses on the forehead and cheaters on the nose look.

Grand Canyon at sunset.
Sedona Arizona.
Heading home.
Am I boring you?

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