Snow Day

Last thursday I checked the flight schedule for the upcoming weekend and noticed that my trip to Chicago had been canceled due to weather. Canceled due to weather? We’re not flying Piper Cubs here, we’re flying Cessna Citation 650’s. These planes are the very definition of an all weather, mission capable aircraft. They have a max gross weight of 23,000 pounds. Can climb to 51,000 feet and the two Garrett TFE731-4R-2S engines produce 4080 pounds of static thrust that can push that baby along at up to .89 MACH. They are also fully capable of flying in even serious icing conditions with heated leading edges on the wings and tail. I mean these planes are Bad Ass!  They can handle anything!

And also, we’re from Wisconsin not florida! us northern folk just laugh at winter weather. we just grab the heavy jacket, put our boots on and go get the job done. Cancel due to weather, please.

But there it was on my phone, no flight to Chicago this weekend. Bummer. I was disappointed not because I was going to miss sitting in a hotel room drinking Scotch and watching cable TV. No, this weekend my wife was thinking about taking the train and meeting me for a quick getaway. Free hotel room, per diem money to cover dinner, and maybe catch a show. Perfect little trip.

OK, the forecast did call for snow and maybe a little wind, but come on it’s winter! That’s what happens, don’t be such a chicken.

And it turns out I was right……About Friday night and Saturday. Saturday night and Sunday were another matter altogether. The snow Saturday night dumping over 12 inches on us just as the wind picked up. We had continus gusts of over 40 mph for almost 24 hours. It’s been a while since I’ve seen drifting like this.

Ok, it might have been a bit sporty coming back from Chi town after all.

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