Wrap It Up Already

OK,OK, sorry for the delay in finishing the Epic World Tour report but (wait for it) I’ve been busy. Yes I know I’ve used that lame excuse many times in the past when I’ve been too lazy to finish what I started (blog posts, home improvement projects, books, college degrees) but this time it’s really true, I swear.

So because it’s currently raining cats and dogs outside (where else?) and it looks like I just might have my first day off from the drop zone since I got back from the around the world trip on July 29, holy cow that’s 45 days of work in a row! And that doesn’t include the 3 week trip around the world, which even though was an amazing adventure and I would have gladly paid to be on, was still work. And add to that the many days of work in a row I put in before the trip makes it about 3 months since I haven’t jumped out of, flight planned,worked on, or flown an airplane. I guess you could say I’m current. And a little burnt out.

So where was I? Oh yes Stuck in Petro Russia looking at crappy weather in Adak Alaska and trying to figure out how to get that motley crew of Epics back to the good old USA.

Wait……..what?  I have been informed by she who must be obeyed that as long as I have a day off we need to go to our rental house and do some of the work that I’ve been putting off all summer. Apparently my wife doesn’t know the meaning of “day off”

Sorry, I’ll finish the Epic story soon……I promise.

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