Now that Charles is all wrapped up and comfy in his space blankets and rain poncho it’s time to go through the DO NOT LOSE! bag and see what else he might that might come in handy in the quest to not die. (If you don’t know just what in the heck I’m talking about look back a few posts to catch up)

You might remember that the DO NOT LOSE! bag is the small survival kit that I bring with me on every international ferry flight (Ocean crossing) and most other flights where I’m flying over terrain that might be challenging to survive in if I’m forced down. On ferry flights I also have additional supplies and gear in the plane with me that I’ll bring with if I can when exiting the aircraft in and emergency but the DO NOT LOSE! bag is the first priority. If I’m ditching the bag gets zipped inside my survival suit before hand so there’s no chance of losing it and I have my hands free for the raft and maybe my secondary bag of supplies.


So without further ado here’s what’s in my DO NOT LOSE! bag.


OK, from left to right (sort of) top to bottom.

Chem light: Just a good emergency light or tie it on the end of a line and twirl it over your head as an emergency beacon.

Lazer pointer: Excellent signaling device. Just shine it in at an aircraft and the cops will come and arrest you. Saved!

Space blanket with electrical tape.

Large military dressing with duct tape wrapping: No not the bandaids. Thanks US ARMY!

More bandaids and iodine wipes.

Bandage tape with strong rubber bands

550 cord

Power bar


Cloths pins: In case you need to do some laundry. Honestly I don’t remember why they are in there.

Tweezers and large safety pins

Military heat tabs: Good fire starter.

Magnesium block with sparker. Good fire starter.

Waterproof lighter and matches

Safety wire


Good luck charm

Swiss Army knife, large and small

Diamond stone

More knife, you never want to run out of knife.

Super glue, Good for patching holes in a raft or your body.

Tiny flashlight

Drugs. Mostly ibuprofen, I don’t think the little blue pills are viagra but I’ll take them last, just in case.

Sewing kit

Metal tape

Army power bar

More bandage tape

Rubber gloves. Mostly for keeping hands warm.

Raft patch kit

PLB (Personell Locator Beacon)

Aviation radio

Gerber multi-tool. Probably on my belt


As I said I change this kit to fit the part of the world I’m flying over or when I think of something new. Like why don’t I have any booze in it? Hmmmm, guess I’ll have to go to the store.


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