Dad, Please Stop

Like most fathers I enjoy torturing my children with corny jokes. Especially in front of their friends. Classics like “Why don’t crabs give to charity? Their shellfish!  Ha  ha. Yes, I would literally have my kids begging me to stop. So imagine my joy when I discovered private messaging in Facebook. Now there is nowhere in the world they can hide from me! As you know my son Connor is currently in Fort Eustis VA, attending the US ARMY’s Black Hawk mechanics/crew chief school so of course being a former Huey Crew chief myself I had to come up with some helicopter maintenance humor. It’s harder than you think (that’s what she said) but I finally came up with something, found a Rick Grimes joke generator online and sent it to him yesterday.

connor nut

OK, it’s not that funny, maybe not even a joke, but I thought it was funny and that’s all that matters.

By the way the Jesus nut is the large nut that holds the main rotor system onto the mast.


If it comes off………well,that’s bad.

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