Career Change?

Sorry for not giving you all new riveting survival post but I’ve been helping two of my brother in laws and a nephew remodel my father in laws house in order to make it wheel chair accessible. Cathy’s father has had some health issues and is currently in a rehab facility (NOT A NURSING HOME!) and in order to bring him home we need to completely remodel a bedroom, bathroom and install an electric chair for getting him up a small set of stairs. The bathroom has been the biggest challenge. we had to tear down and move a wall, move both the sink and toilet, re-wire the entire room and install new flooring. New flooring through out the entire house actually. I’ve always been kind of handy (kind of) but this is the biggest project I’ve ever taken on. It’s involved plumbing (moving the toilet wasn’t fun) electrical work, drywalling, and all kinds of stuff. It’s a good thing that my three “helpers” are actually good at this sort of thing, I mostly just stand around waiting for someone to tell me what to do. But it’s still satisfying working with your hands and creating something real. It’s also made me realize something about careers and life choices. I was born to be a pilot.

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  1. Thanks Colleen, I have fun doing it! I just wish I had time, and a better work ethic, to post more. I’m still working on the re-model project because the 2 day project has turned into 6. I’m having fun working with the guys but I wish I’d brought more clothes! Getting kind of stinky.

  2. Glad to hear it’s a rehab facility & that he can come home. Several years ago the docs said my mum would have to go in a care facility of some sort… I told them they were wrong. She proved me right. (That’s my mama!!) She got to go home, on her own. (And I got to tell the docs “I TOLD YOU SO!!”… and one of the docs admitted he was mistaken. *faints* :-D) Ultimately she’s since become wheelchair dependent and her condo isn’t especially wheelchair friendly, but she manages pretty well. She’s my hero. It makes me happy to hear that Cathy’s dad will have an environment that he can manage comfortably in, and is still his home. SO important.

    And congratulations on being one of the fortunate few that found his calling. And you’re a pretty good storyteller & photographer, too. I enjoy your blog.

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