Road Trip!

Seeing that we have a little time to kill before skydiving season starts again I’m taking a road trip with she who must be obeyed, the better half, the o’l ball and chain. (No, she doesn’t read very many of my posts) We left on Monday and hard charged all the way out to Ogden Utah to spend a few days skiing with my buddies Cory and Pete, Yes that Cory and Pete from the Discovery show “Dangerous Flights” Neither one of them is quite as big of a TV star as I am but what ya gonna do? The plan, such as it is, is to head to sin city, Las vegas for a couple of days and then for the big goal of the trip, camping in Death Valley! That is if I can talk Cathy into sleeping in a tent in the desert, in the winter…..might be a tough sell. I’ll be giving you sporadic progress reports along the way but don’t count on too much.

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