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Pilots are dumb.  OK, they are also highly trained, sort of, professionals who can do some amazing things and provide a valuable service to mankind.  They are also little boys with very expensive toys that they sometimes abuse for their own personal amusement.  When you hear of pilots goofing off and buzzing things and people you usually think of military pilots. But the Air Force has really cracked down on that kind of tomfoolery and if you really want to stop flying that hot jet just buzz the tower one more time Maverick.  So where does a pilot with superior skills go to show the rest of us just how good he really is?  The skydiving world that’s where.  Just hop in a jump plane and show us your stuff.  And when you’re dropping meat bombs there is the added challenge of buzzing the jumpers who you just dropped.  I love doing a hard wingover  as soon as the last jumper leaves and waving to them as we both head down.  But I always make sure to give them plenty of space and when I’m the target I like an even bigger buffer because I don’t want to end up on YouTube.

Arnaud 025That’s more like it.

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  1. Never had that happen but I did have a jumper turn the fuel selector to “Off” while I was flying chase in a formation load. And it was the planes owner! At least he thought it was funny.

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