Fourth Time’s The Charm

Just a quick update, two days ago Lonnie Dupre reached the summit of Denali completing the first solo accent ever in January.  While Lonnie was setting foot on the peak my back country buddies and I were in northern Wisconsin for our annual cross country ski weekend.  This weekend started out 29 years ago as a work outing at our boss’ cabin and has turned into a great climbing and skiing team.  As you can tell our weekend and Lonnie’s were very much the same.  On Saturday night we had T Bone steaks and cheese cake followed by a hour long night ski session on the lake with temperatures in the -15 below F. range while Lonnie slept in a snow cave at about -40 F.  The next day was a hard one with a three hour ski through the untracked wilds of Wisconsin where at one point we almost ran out of wine while Lonnie climbed his way to the top of McKinley.   So basically our weekends were almost identical.  Okay, we actually did do some hard skiing and climbing trying to get in shape for our back country ski trip we have planned for next month and I don’t know about the other guys but I need to work out more because I was feeling it and we were only climbing at 1000 feet above sea level and didn’t have packs on.  I guess I’d better up my workout schedule.


Lonnie descending by headlamp.

IMG_1818-1Weekend warriors.

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