Trip Alert!

“Launch the alert five ferry pilot!”

It looks like I have a short notice trip to make.  The boys from JET AVIVA have sold their SR-22 Cirrus and need it moved from Santa Monica CA to Berlin ASAP.  Now I don’t mind doing the trip, but, “I JUST FLEW THE SAME DAMN AIRCRAFT FROM GERMANY TO THE US LAST YEAR!” I mean come on guys make up your mind.  Oh well, if they pay me I’ll fly the same plane back and forth every month if that’s what they want.  I’m heading to LA tomorrow to pick up the plane and fly it to my home in Wisconsin and then leave this Sunday.  It should be a good trip. I’ll try and keep you all posted.

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  1. “Launch the alert five ferry pilot!”

    Okay, I eventually stopped laughing and went on to read the remainder of the post. Seriously, you just flew this bird in last year? Oh well, Germany is particularly nice this time of year.

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