Bangkok Trip Update

Day 3. continued. The takeoff out of Narsarsuaq is a fun one. The runway isn’t what one would call level so you land uphill and takeoff downhill. Once off the ground I always level off at about 100 feet and fly up the fjord about 1 mile before taking a sharp left up another fjord and then begin my climb to 9000 feet to clear the icecap. Why do I stay at 100 feet for the first mile you ask? Because it’s FUN! That’s why. The rest of the trip to Iceland was uneventful, thank god. We kept looking out at the growing streak of oil coming out of the right engine but the oil temperature and pressure stayed good so all was well.

When we got into Iceland it was about 11:00 PM but still light out. In fact it never really got very dark and we were forced to close the curtains in our hotel room to sleep but having it stay light out all night really screwed me up so I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.


Is it midnight or noon?  Does it really matter?





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