Flying To Work

Last week we found a crack in a rib on the tail of the Grand Caravan we lease to fly jumpers at Skydive Twin Cities.  The crack was significant enough that the plane was flown from Wisconsin to Atlanta to get fixed.  That left us with no jump ship for the week.  But wait, my Cessna 206 N207J “Juliet” was back in operation and ready to go!  As I mentioned in the last post my mechanic and I had spent a long time getting Juliet back in the air and one of the things we did was put on 6 new cylinders.  Whenever you put new cylinders on an engine they need to be broken in by flying at high power settings while keeping to cylinder head temperatures cool for about 15 hours.  Now I can meet these parameters while flying skydivers by keeping my airspeed high on the climb to altitude to keep the engine cool and leaving some power in on the descent but the best way to break in new cylinders is cross country flying.  So it was with great sadness and inconvenience that I was forced to fly back and forth to work every day last week.  It was a real hardship having to drive 5 minutes  to the airport each morning and climb into my airplane for my commute to work.  You can’t possibly imagine the drudgery of flying 500 feet over the Wisconsin countryside seeing deer, turkeys, Bald Eagles, and rolling hills pass beneath your wings during the agonizingly long 15 minute flight.  It is to weep.




Seeing firemen set a grass fire isn’t interesting at all.


Ever Koda looks bored on the way home after a long day of begging for treats from the skydivers.

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