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Best Defense of the A-10 This Year

As part of our antitransformationalist canon, one thing we have discussed here on a regular basis since the F-35 came in to being was this; regardless of what people may say – it cannot and will not be able to conduct close air support as it is required.

It is too tender, too ill-armed, too fast, and its crews will never have the detailed practical training needed.

The worst thing for the A-10 was that the USAF owns it – and if she can’t have it, no one else can either.

The army will try to fill the gap with attack helos, but that is imperfect as well.

As I’ve said before I like fat chicks I mean Hogs,  I mean the A-10.  In my opinion it’s stupidity to its extrema for the Air Force to get rid of the single best close air support platform just because they want to get their shiny new toy the F-35.  The Air Force claims the F-35 will do just as good a job as the A-10 but that’s just bullshit.  The article above lists a few of the reasons the F-35 will suck at close air support but the one no one ever mentions is the fact that the F-35 is so expensive the Air Force will never risk losing one just to save a few grunts.  5th generation fighter=expensive  poorly trained teenager with rifle=cheap.  Click the link to read the short write-up but don’t forget to read the comments, their the best part.

H/T: CDR Salamander

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  1. For an F35 to go from fast to slow/hover in a combat situation is going to be a challenge since the pilot is probably pretty busy with targeting and being targeted. As for an Apache-like solution, range is going to be an issue, especially for the Navy and there doesn’t seem to be a naval variant.

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