Boy Scout

I leave for Florida next week, I hope, still no visa for India or conformation that the plane is ready yet…but I digress.  It’s time to start getting my survival kit together.  Getting ready for a 10,000 mile cross country is challenging, I have to be prepared to go down in the north woods of Canada, still winter in the great white north, the north Atlantic, Greenland’s Ice cap, the Mediterranean, (not so bad off the coast of Greece), the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia, (largest sand desert in the world) The gulf of Oman,(at least the water’s warm) then finally the deep jungle of Burma. Piece of cake.  At least I found this helpful information from the FAA.


Yes, I do have a ball of string, gotta be prepared ya know.

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  1. You could knit a motorcycle and ride home. Hang yourself. Fly a kite. Play cat’s cradle with yourself.

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