Trip Warning! Trip Warning! Launch The Alert Five Ferry Pilot!

 “Do you want to fly a Navajo Chieftain to Bangkok?”

That’s the text I got from Cory at CB Aviation the day before I left for the Turks and Caicos on spring break with my family.  “When?” I asked.  “Leave next Friday”   Hmmm……Let’s see, I just got back from 7 days of back country skiing, I get back from the Caribbean on Thursday, the snow on my runway is melting fast and I need to start getting the dropzone ready for the new season….so sure, I can fly a plane halfway around the world on a moments notice.  I mean, why not?  I’ve got nothing better to do.  So here I am sitting on the beach in paradise, trying to plan a major ferry flight instead of kicking back and drinking all day.  OK I’m still drinking all day but you know what I mean.  Here’s the route I’m thinking of taking.

I know I still owe you all a post and pictures from the skiing trip and was going to do it this morning but a bloody Mary got in the way.  Maybe later.

2 Replies to “Trip Warning! Trip Warning! Launch The Alert Five Ferry Pilot!”

  1. No spot tracker. I’m going to buy a good PLB emergency beacon for the trip, much better than the portable ELT I’ve been using for years.

  2. Looks a looooong trip for a solo pilot. Hope it’s got an AP and a “coffee maker”. BTW, does CB give you a “Spot” so they can track the plane’s location, for safety’s sake?

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