Fight’s On!

It’s finally fall in western Wisconsin and as many of you know that means it’s deer hunting season!  I’ve been working hard all summer getting my hunting land ready for the start of bow season, clearing trails, putting up tree stands, making watering holes and putting up trail cameras.  I really enjoy working in the woods it’s a big change of pace from my normal day of flying and jumping out of airplanes. The trail cameras are the most fun to play with.  I attach them to trees in a spot I think a deer might come by at some point and hope that the camera’s motion sensor triggers the shutter release and captures something interesting.  I really should leave the cameras alone for a few days before checking on them but sometimes I can’t help myself and check them daily to see if I got any cool pictures.  Here’s one I got yesterday of two bucks fighting late at night under one of my tree stands.  I hope my son or I can see one of them in the daytime with a bow in our hands.  More to come


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