Dangerous Flights

As many of you know for the last two years I’ve been on a reality show documentary series called Dangerous Flights.  The show has been aired in Canada and 128 countries around the world but not in the US, much to the dismay of my friends who want to watch it and make fun of me.  Well their dreams have come true because not only has the show has been picked up by the Smithsonian channel, which will air it in November, but someone has uploaded a lot of the episodes onto YouTube.  So if you want to see some of the show and laugh at me go to YouTube and search for Dangerous Flights, you will be able to see almost all of season one there. Above is episode 2 where I am introduced to the show.  Enjoy and feel free to comment on how stupid I look!

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  1. Hi Kerry, so it’s 2016 and still nothing. It’s like the show never existed. I swear i have searched every corner of the internet, and nothing. Sup with that???
    We are all dying to see season 2.
    I’m not in the US though. I’m in Trinidad and Tobago. There was actually an episode when yall came here too. That was awesome.

    1. I know, it’s frustrating! It looks like someone has uploaded two episodes of season two on YouTube but that’s it. I’m still hoping that both seasons make it to Netflix someday. I do hope to make it back to Trinidad and Tobago someday. We only got to spend a few hours there but it looked like a great place!

  2. Actually having trouble finding season 2 here in Canada too. For some reason, Discovery Channel seems to want nothing to do with the show and wiped it right off their site. Only about half of them are on youtube.

  3. I love the show dangerous flights. I would love to get my PPL but for now I fly just about any PC simulator on the market… I really miss the show and would like to know WHEN can we expect new episodes of Dangerous Flights???? I have seen Randy and Cory on a discovery
    Airplane repo episode but I really miss the dangerous flights show… All you guys are nuts to fly a single engine over the Atlantic, but if I had the experience and professionalism you couldn’t stop me from doing it either.

  4. Do you know if any episode of season 2 has the scene where you and Claire fly to the dropzone and we’re all sitting there to greet you?

  5. Some episodes are available as torrents. But here it is September 2015, and season 2 is, for the most part, a black hole. Come on Canadians! Share with your Southern bretheren!

  6. Hey Kerry,

    Damn I’m envious of you guys. I learned how to fly a plane before I knew how to drive a car (soloed and everything) but then dropped out of it because of ….”distractions”, after watching the series with yourself and the boys, I wish I finished my licence. Maybe start putting up some of your flights on youtube…that way I can live vicariously through you!

    Is your kid still flying? Keep safe and happy landings!

    – Jeremy

    1. I’m still waiting for them to air season two on the Smithsonian Channel in the US this year. If that doesn’t happen soon maybe someone will upload it on YouTube.

  7. Hi kerry,

    I just love this show. I currently drive trucks but my passion is aviation. I’m working on getting my PPL fixed wing bu its bloody expensive! I have season 1 and the 1st 2 episodes of season 2 on my ipad and listen to them while I attend the steering wheel. 9 hours hours of it. i love it, fantastic. I cant wait to see the rest of season 2.

    Say hi to Hooler Girl for me.



    1. Thanks Nathaniel, It was a lot of fun to make! Good luck finishing up the PPL, I know it’s expensive but it’s worth it.

  8. Actually Episodes 1 and 2 from season 2 were on youtube, now only season 2 episode 2 is up, been having some difficulty finding episode 1….oh well, will just have to wait, or head up to Canada some weekend to watch.

  9. I have watched Season 1 online, in one day and loved it.

    Where can I watch season 2? It’s like a big black information hole. I can see the episodes on the site, but none will play.

    Now, I am addicted and between my own voice over sessions, I love to watch this series.

    Dave Steele

    1. Sorry David but for now the only place you can see season 2 is in Canada. It will be worldwide on the Discovery Channel later this year and probably on the Smithsonian Channel next year. Now if someone uploads season 2 to YouTube I might let let everyone know here.

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