My Next Aircraft?

An aircraft that’s big, fast and has two engines is what I look for in a plane that I’m going to use to go places.   Get there fast with a lot of stuff, safely.   But when I want to just fly for fun I want something that I can either do mad aerobatics in or something I can fly very low and slow, and I mean LOW.  A few years ago I bought a powered para-glider.  Flying it was incredibly fun and seeing that if you lost the engine you were already in a parachute, the safest aircraft in he world.  The only drawback was it was a pain in the ass to set up and launch, as two broken props will attest to.  It looks like the AirCam looks like exactly what I’ve been looking foe.  Great low speed handling characteristics, good short field performance and two engines.  The last feature is the most important one to have when flying low because if you lose an engine you just keep flying.  I think I’m going to have to start looking one……. just don’t tell my wife.

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