Germany To Vegas Day 7

Morning in Greenland.  No internet in the hotel so checking weather will have to wait.  Head down to grab some breakfast that’s hopefully not been buried in the ground for two months then off to the control tower to see if we’re flying to Canada or Iceland.  Caught up with Marcio who had some good news for us.  Seemed that the new owner of the Cirrus managed to sort out the customs problem and we were cleared to continue on to Canada.  Good thing he did too, because if we’d had to fly back to Iceland, sit a few days doing paperwork and then make the Greenland crossing a third time, well let’s just say it was gonna cost him.  I don’t risk my life for free you know.

  With the paperwork problem solved all that was left to do was to get one more North Atlantic leg behind us and we’d be home free.  OK we would still have to fly all the way across Canada and most of the US but heck even normal pilots could do that.  The downhill takeoff that shot us out over the water was fun as usual then Marcio and I enjoyed the low level flight through the fjord out to the ocean, always one of my favorite routs.


The rest of the flight from Greenland to Goose Bay Labrador was relatively uneventful, thank god because if it was eventful that would mean emergency, screaming, water, pain, death, that sort of thing.  We did pick up some ice on approach into Goose but we were only moderately concerned for our lives, not even worth mentioning.

To be continued:

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