Ferry Flight Pic Of the Day


This is a shot I took of the Phenom 100’s Nav display last year on the first leg of our ferry flight from Sydney to Las Vegas.  Marcio and I ran into strong headwinds and were worried that we might not make the airport with sufficient fuel reserves.  The green circle that is just beyond our destination is the Phenom’s computer generated fuel range circle that show’s how far we can fly based on fuel remaining at the current power setting and winds aloft.  It’s fascinating to watch the circle expand when you throttle back to the long range power settings.  You will also note that the range circle isn’t centered on our aircraft reflecting the winds aloft over Australia.    Having a computer figure out how far you can fly is a pretty handy thing have on a ferry flight.  Normally I have to figure it out myself using my old fashioned E6B flight computer, and as you all know, math is hard.    Ten minutes later the headwinds picked up causing the range circle to shrink even farther and us pilot guys to find  a closer place to get gas.  We diverted to Longreach, small airport in the middle of the outback and stumbled upon the Qantas airline museum.


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