Things are firming up for the Cirrus trip next week.  As of now my co-pilot Marcio and I leave for Augsburg Germany this Friday.  We might spend the weekend goofing off in Munich but plan on leaving as soon as the plane is ready, probably on Tuesday.  This trip is going to be a dangerous one not only because if we go down in the north Atlantic this time of year the chances of surviving are low but even going down in Greenland or northern Canada could be potentially fatal.  The forecast for the Goose bay area in northern Canada is calling for below zero temps (Fahrenheit) and snow for most of the next week so being prepared to spend a few nights on the ground in the event of a crash is imperative.  I’ve spent the last few days putting together my survival gear for this trip and find it challenging due to the limited space we’ll have available in the small plane.  Not being able to take all the winter survival equipment I’d like to have I’m counting on using a lot of the materials that can be found in the plane, like the parachute.  Unfortunately if the plane burns after the crash we’re screwed.  Here’s some of the gear I’m taking.


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