Warning Order

Got an email today asking if I was available to ferry a SR-22 Cirrus aircraft from Munich, Germany to Santa Monica, California.  I desperately checked my schedule hoping to find some excuse to turn the trip down, but aside from the fact that I’ll miss a few of number one son’s hockey games, I’m unfortunately free .  Why try and get out of this trip you ask?  Because it’s a non-tanked trip meaning there won’t be any extra fuel tanks installed in the the plane and that means the only way to get from Europe to North America is via Iceland/Greenland or Russia.  Either way, it’s gonna be COLD.  Flying that far north in the winter is extremely dangerous.  Any crash that puts you on the ground any distance from civilization is a potential death sentence.  I don’t even want to go into the fact that there’s a big cold ocean I’ll have to cross as well.   I’ll find out more about the trip in the coming days, but for now it’s time to start working on my arctic survival kit.

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