Uruguay Trip Day 5

Morning in Manaus found SG and I starting off our hopefully early departure by getting dropped off at the end of the airport doesn’t have the weather, landing fee and flight planning offices.  It also doesn’t have any taxis sitting at the curb so it took a lot of waiting before one showed up to drop someone off.  So much for our early start.  After finally getting all the fees paid, weather checked and flight plan filed we climbed into the Bonanza, which was now about three hundred degrees due to it being not early morning any more, and blasted off for another long leg over the Amazon jungle.  Just like when you’re flying over the ocean, flying over hundreds of miles of unbroken rainforest can be nerve wracking.  Every little noise the engine makes is a potential death sentence, every cloud on the horizon is a monster storm blocking your path.  The only way to keep from going crazy and letting the fear take over is to just ignore the danger and keep flying.

  But luck was with us on Christmas day and we made it to Boa Vista, our last stop in Brazil.  SG was in a particularly good mood because despite the slow start to the day we’d made it to our first stop by 1:00 and if we could clear customs and fuel up in a reasonable amount of time we could make it to Grenada that afternoon and fulfill her wish to spend Christmas in the Caribbean.  But alas it was not to be.

  Stay tuned.

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