I May Have Created A Monster

Well Super Girl and I finally put some good miles under us yesterday.  We did the O dark thirty wake up, no breakfast get to the airport and go thing with just a few of the normal bureaucratic road blocks to slow things down.  With good weather we flew from Capo Grande to Cuiaba, which was a blessedly fast gas and go, then on to Alta Floresta.  There we got a new weather forecast that while wasn’t as bad as the afternoon before was still just so so. As I might have mentioned, in the Amazon their are very powerful thunder storms every afternoon and most pilots flying in this area call it a day about 3:00.  About the time I was thinking I would maybe take a chance at it another ferry pilot walked into the weather office and said that he’d just come from Manaus and the the thunderstorms were thick as thieves and he was calling it a day.  Now that sounded like a great idea because: number one, I love to spend time in out of the way place’s and meet the people, and number two hotels have beer.  But that’s when SG pulled out the big guns because you see she has it in her mind that if she isn’t going to be at home for Christmas she damn well better be someplace cool and if that was going to happen we had better get on the road.   “What’s the matter dad? Getting a little chicken in you’re old age?”  Now I have a real problem and it’s called “can’t say no itis.”  but it’s nothing compared to my problem with being called a pussy, epically by my daughter.  Long story we made it to Manaus but the thunderstorm salomon course was fun.

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