Hearding Cats

By this time last year we’d wrapped up filming the first season of Dangerous Flights  and had ten international ferry flights in the can.  This year due to the late decision in picking us for season two we have exactly zero.  OK, although the Malibu trip in Africa was a disaster they probably got enough film to make an episode so we’ve got that going for us.  The good news is that things are heating up with at least four flights getting ready to launch including my trip to Uruguay.  The bad news is that the filming for episode one of season two has been pushed back.  The plan was to get all the pilots from season one together at CB Aviation’s base in Ogden Utah for a reunion so we could drink beer and talk smart.  We were going to film next weekend and the production company spent a ton of time trying to get all eight pilots to arrange their schedules to allow then to all be in one place at one time.   Everything was in place and I was looking forward to the trip, I was even going to fly my Queen Air to Utah so as to make the grand entrance don’t you know, when we found out that one of the pilots couldn’t make it.  What a bummer, I was really looking forward to the trip but seeing that Super girl and I will be leaving on a long trip soon, and over Christmas time, it’s just as well that I have a little more time to spend at home before leaving for two or three weeks.

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