Old And Bold

Yeager re-enacts historic sound barrier flight


I met gen. Yeager in an elevator in Minneapolis sometime in the late 90’s shortly after reading his autobiography and was embarrassingly star struck.  There isn’t anyone in the world I would ever trade places with except Chuck Yeager.  His career is the stuff of legend.   He shot down 12 German fighters in WWII and was one of the only pilots to escape back to England after being shot down and became one of the best test pilots if history becoming the first man to break the speed of sound.  Never one to follow the rules and fly by the book he was constantly getting trouble for unauthorized buzz jobs and what many would consider “reckless” flying.  The man is my hero because he’s living proof that there are indeed a few old and bold pilots, it just helps to be awesome too.

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  1. I would have been star-struck, too. I read his autobiography probably about when it came out in 1986. If I was asked who my hero was, I would have said Chuck Yeager. Now I’d say my mum, but almost 30 years has a way of shining different light on heroism. He is definitely still awesome though.

    1. Yeager is still my hero. I just love how he was not only a brilliant pilot but he wasn’t afraid to admit that he was no angel. You have to break a few rules to find out where the edges are.

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