Felix Baumgartner’s Giant Leap

AP Photo/Red Bull Stratos

Felix Baumatrner is poised to make history this morning by jumping from a stratospheric balloon at the record breaking altitude of 120,000 feet.  If successful he will break the speed of sound and break the current record held by retired Colonel Joe Kittinger.  Joe’s record jump from 102,800 ft in 1960 was during a time when no one knew if a human could survive a jump from the edge of space. Joe was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and had already taken a balloon to 97,000 feet in Project ManHigh and survived a drogue mishap during a jump from 76,400 feet in Excelsior I. The Excelsior III mission was his 33rd parachute jump.  God speed Felix and remember if you have any second thoughts I’d gladly take your place!

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