Be Quiet

Got to do a little flying with Claire the last two days in the mighty Cessna 150 because yesterday morning my little lead foot had a date with the judge  to explain just why she was always in such a hurry.  The reason for flying was that the courthouse opened at 8:00 and Claire had to be back at college for a 10:00 class and the drive time between the two was well over an hour, unless you speed which was what got her into this little fix in the first place.  The solution?  FLY!   The night before I picked her up in a Cessna 150 instead of the Queen Air so Claire could log the time.  Despite a thunderstorm flashing it’s power in the distance, it was a beautiful night for flying and Claire’s landing back home was nothing short of perfect, OK a little left of the center line but still pretty dang good.

After taking care business, Claire met me at the airport where I had the 150 pulled out, warmed up, and ready to go.  We pulled onto the runway and when Claire advanced the throttle I couldn’t help being the over-controlling dad.

Me: “Give it full throttle!”

Claire: “That is full throttle.”  Pushing on the throttle to show me that it was all the way in. “That’s all it’s got.”

Me: “Humph”

Claire: “Maybe you should sit back and let me fly.”


We flew as fast as our underpowered steed would go but Claire was still late for class.  Maybe we should have taken the Queen Air instead.

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