Night Jump Over Fireworks

This 4th of July I finally got to do the jump I’ve been trying to put together for years, a night jump over the lake in Menomonie where they put on a great fireworks show every year.  The jump was a big success with me and 18 of my friends jumping out of the Twin Otter from thirteen thousand feet over the lake.  The view was everything I’d hoped for with the fireworks going off beneath my feet and reflecting off the water for a cool mirror effect.  We flew around for twelve minutes or so watching the big show along with all the little private ones going off across the countryside then landed at the municipal airport that was only two miles away.  We packed up our parachutes, flew back to the drop zone and jumped back in, capping off the night by having three jumpers land off.  A lot of the jumpers were a bit nervous about doing a night jump into somewhere unfamiliar but after having such a great time I  think this is going to be a yearly event.  The video isn’t very good because I kept looking around to keep from running into the other jumpers.


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