Are you a pilot who cancels too many flights?

Are you a pilot who cancels too many flights? – Golf Hotel Whiskey.

John Zimmerman has written an interesting post for Air Facts Journal in response to comments from their Go or no go” series to ask the question: Do you cancel too many flights? To first put things in perspective: John says that the comments the series has received are revealing because a number of pilots appear to be uncomfortable flying in anything less than clear skies and unlimited visibility. In fact, he might even go so far as to say that the aviation community has beaten everyone over the head with the risk management stick so much that some pilots are afraid to fly in IFR.


The article covers a trend I’ve been seeing in aviation for the last few years, namely the wuss factor.  Pilots these days are so safety conscious they won’t go an “take a look”.  I talk to guys who worked hard for their IFR rating but still only fly when it’s clear and a million.  I’m not saying they should go up and do something stupid or beyond their abilities, but come on, go get your plane wet once in a while.

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